SandBarre™ is the culmination of a lifetime of workouts and one big idea.


Growing up, I trained extensively as a soccer player.  In addition to the time spent on the field, I dedicated hours to working out, redefining my body and testing my determination.  My hard work paid off culminating in a position on the field at Princeton University and solidifying the importance of fitness in my life.


Fast-forward a decade (or so), law school, a loving husband, three beautiful daughters and we come to the one big idea.  I was always a believer in the benefits of resistance bands but found incorporating them in workouts to be difficult because holding the band hurt my hands.  Enter my sister-in-law, Megan.  She is not only my brother’s wife, but a neighbor, friend, sounding board and collaborator in my wild fitness endeavors.


One playdate with the kids, I was describing to Megan the idea of a handle that would alleviate this “grip problem” in order to facilitate resistance band training in more cardio-based workouts.  She grabbed one of the kids' toy balls from the floor (we had six kids under six at the time), we drilled a hole in it and unknowingly began the process of turning an ordinary flat band into an extraordinary total-body fitness tool.  Countless hours of experimenting later and several prototypes later, we decided to bring our optimized flat band to the Jersey Shore.  Hence, we created SandBarre™.  


We look forward to sharing this great workout with all of you and introducing you to flat resistance band training with this simple solution that Megan and I created, Bandleball Exercise Handles™.  You are going to love it!


See you down the shore!


Tuesday and Thursday

8:30 am - 9:30 am


Summer Classes Begin June 27th

 Open-Air Pavilion, Stone Harbor Recreation

8100 2nd Ave, Stone Harbor



9:15 am


Reserve Now.  Pay Later.*

*MINDBODY app used only for class reservations.  All class payment made at SandBarre Class. Cash or check only.  Space is limited.