What is SandBarre™?

SandBarre™ is a fun, high intensity, low impact cardio-infused 55-minute workout that combines Bandleball Resistance Training ("BRT") with body-weight exercise and barre-inspired moves. 

What can I expect to do at SandBarre™?

After a quick warm-up to elevate your heart rate, we ramp-up the intensity with a Bandleball Resistance Training - BRT and bodyweight series.  These multi-joint moves flow from one to the next keeping you energized and focused.  Next, we head to the “barre” for a series of small, controlled movements that target your thighs, seat, and core.  Bandleballs aid in posture and alignment while sculpting your shoulders and back.  Heart-pumping, dynamic sequences are intermixed to challenge cardiovascular endurance and strength.  Between sets, stretches elongate and reshape fatigued muscles.  We end with a brief yoga-like series to relax your body and mind.


What are Bandleballs?

Invented by our Team, Bandleball Exercise Handles® are ergonomically designed handles that eliminate grip discomfort and make training with flat resistance bands safer and more effective.  Learn More!


Why flat resistance bands?

Flat resistance bands are a great tool to tone and sculpt your entire body.  Plus, we’ve created an amazing new method to use these bands that will allow you to experience their true cardio and muscle-defining benefits: BRT - Bandleball Resistance Training™. 


What is “barre”? 

“Barre” refers to a handrail placed at hip height, used by a dancer to maintain balance during practice.  There are many “barre”-inspired workouts out there, but don’t let our name fool you; SandBarre is not your traditional barre class.  We appreciate the controlled movements inspired by ballet and have adapted them to create a cardio-infused, dynamic total-body workout.


No previous barre exercise class experience is necessary.     


Is SandBarre™ for ALL fitness levels?

YES!  From weekend warriors to boot camp-loving babes, anyone looking for a fun, challenging and fast-paced workout will enjoy SandBarre™.


Is SandBarre™ for women only?

Absolutely not!  We welcome men too!  We just hope they can keep up.


Where is SandBarre™ held?

SandBarre™ is held in the Open-Air Pavilion at the Stone Harbor Recreation Center (8100 2nd Ave).  



How much does a SandBarre class cost?

$20 per class.



Is class space limited?

Yes.  Class space is limited to the number of participants we can comfortably fit at the barres.  For this reason, we suggest you reserve a spot prior to class.


Am I able to pay online prior to class?

Due to Stone Harbor policies, we are unable to accept online payments through the MindBody** platform.  All payments must be made prior to class in cash.  However, multiple class purchases can be made by cash or check, allowing you the convenience of checking-in wallet-free for your second, third, fourth...(you get the picture) visit.  


When on MindBody, click "REGISTER UNPAID."  You will be added to the class list automatically. 


**MindBody registration will resume on June 1st.


Am I able to reserve a spot in class for a friend online?

No.  Part of the online registration includes our Waiver of Liability Policy, which must be read and e-signed by the individual taking class before participating in SandBarre™.   


What is your reservation and cancelation policy?

You may cancel a reservation up to three hours prior to the start of class.  We ask that you arrive 10 mins prior to the start of class.  Please be mindful that space is limited therefore, if you do not arrive by the start of class, your space may be given to a wait-listed patron.  Thank you in advance for respecting our reservation/cancellation policies and allowing other fellow SandBarre Community members to FEEL THE BURN! 


 Are walk-ins accepted?

Absolutely!  You do not need an online reservation to participate in SandBarre™.  We always leave a certain number of spaces for walk-ins but cannot guarantee you a spot. 


What do I need to bring to class? 

We suggest that you bring the following:

A yoga mat** for added cushion under your seat or knees during floor work;

Water to hydrate; 

A determination to challenge yourself past your comfort zone.   


**Extra yoga mats are available.


What should I wear to class?

Comfortable athletic clothes that you can move and sweat in, including yoga pants or shorts and a fitted sports top.  


Sneakers are recommended and may be worn during the resistance band training series, but we highly suggest being barefoot for all work at the barre. Barefoot conditioning helps increase core strength by challenging posture and balance.  Besides, we are down the shore; Show off those pedicures!


Will class be cancelled if it is raining?

Since we are under cover in the Open Pavilion, we will still have class if it is raining.  However, if the weather is a torrential downpour, please visit our website or call the Stone Harbor Recreation department at 609.368.1210 to check for a cancellation.  We will also post cancelations on Social Media and through MindBody notifications.


Summer 2020 classes ended August 6th. 

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8:30 am - 9:30 am


 Open-Air Pavilion, Stone Harbor Recreation

8100 2nd Ave, Stone Harbor



8:30 am - 9:30 am


Space is limited.