Only one class and I'm hooked!

-Jeanine W.


Amazing Class! Looking forward to many more this season!

-Lauren P


We enjoyed every calorie-torching minute!

-Steve & Megan D.


Great class and a wonderful workout!  I love your enthusiasm!   

-Eileen G.


Your class was perfection!!

  -Kim E.


Love, love, love this class!  Dana is a great instructor who works us hard and never stops smiling.  Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday are my new favorite days of the week! 

-Nancy W.


Thank you so much for your awesome SandBarre class!  I absolutely love it!  You are such a wonderful instructor, your cues really do make such a difference in the workout!

-Deb B.


Dana is high energy, friendly and very motivating.  This is a great barre class that works the full body.  Great location a block off the ocean.  I look forward to starting my day with SandBarre every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday!

-Laura I.


My nieces and I felt that your class was so warm and welcoming.  Your enthusiasm was palpable. It was always inspiring to me to meet other moms who are so passionate about fitness.

-Bea M.


I thought your class was excellent!  Your instruction was informative and well-guided and very fun.  It was my first barre class and the workout was great!

-Melanie P.


It's been a humbling delight taking your SandBarre class these past weeks!  Among the many ages and abilities of folks taking your class, you speak to each and allow respective capabilities to shine.  Your enthusiasm is contagious.  If my determination begins to waiver during the class, your play list and encouragement are incentives to push on.

-Mary K.


 My butt still hurts, so thank you for the workout...Let me know when you do a video!


-Amy F.  


The class was great and I will definitely be back!  I have been doing Boot Camp at the Rec Center for a number of years and this class is a great complement to it  

-Leslie F.


 I have taken a lot of different barre classes but SandBarre is the perfect combination of cardio and sculpting.  With great music and an energetic and inspiring instructor, Dana keeps your heart rate elevated throughout class and uses a variety of moves to target smaller muscles that really create definition in your arms, legs and butt.  I shake, I sweat and I sing along to great music!  I took SandBarre post-baby and am so impressed with the results.  It's a must-do to look and feel great about your body!

-Christine D.

SandBarre featured with Kathy Orr from Fox 29 News!  


Tuesday and Thursday

8:30 am - 9:30 am



 Open-Air Pavilion, Stone Harbor Recreation

8100 2nd Ave, Stone Harbor



9:15 am


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